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Got Torah?

Posted by Oyster on May 24, 2007

Torah Study

What: Young Adult Torah Study
When: Saturday, May 26th, ~1:30 PM
Where: Congregation Beth David

Informally for a few months now, me and my chevruta have been studying Torah after services at my shul. We usually focus on the weekly Torah portion, and sometimes we mix in readings for special occasions (like ‘The Book of Ruth‘). We encourage our friends to join us, and we do a mix of chevruta study (in pairs) and group discussion.

So why study Torah? Many more brilliant minds than I have given excellent reasons, but here goes: It deepens your understanding of the Jewish people. It’s your intellectual heritage. It sharpens your reasoning and arguing skills. It’s social. As David Ben-Gurion said, “For thousands of years, we have guarded the Torah, and for thousands of years, the Torah has guarded us.” Nuff said.

All are invited to come and join us. We do this every Shabbat, but we’re now extending an invitation to the wider young adult Jewish community to join in. We’re gonna hold it once a month with a guest instructor ( a rabbi, scholar, or other learned Jew ) and invite everyone to come. If you are hard-core, you can join us every week. 🙂

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