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Ish Tov’s 2007 NBA Mock Draft

Posted by ishtov on June 27, 2007

I don’t know how many people in the community are NBA fans. But I know there are at least a few. With the NBA Draft just around the corner (Thursday at 4:30PM on ESPN), I thought I’d share my mock draft here. I do this each year, but I usually just send it out to a few friends. The only caveat I have is that there could be quite a few trades between now and the draft that might shake things up.

Okay here goes:

1. Portland – Greg Oden

2. Seattle – Kevin Durant

3. Atlanta – Al Horford – He can help right away. And Atlanta already has a bunch of thin, athetic types.

4. Memphis – Joakim Noah – He can provide some interior defense, length, and championship experience.

5. Boston – Jeff Green – If we don’t get a big name in a trade, we’ll probably have to trade Pierce. Jeff Green is a pretty good replacement, an offensive player with a unselfish, passing mentality.

6. Milwaukee – Mike Conley – With Mo Williams looking for a big contract, Conley makes sense as a cheap replacement.

7. Minnesota – Brandan Wright – It seems like KG will be traded. So getting a KG type player in Brandan Wright could work.

8. Charlotte – Corey Brewer – Gerald Wallace might be leaving in free agency. Corey Brewer would be a good replacement.

9. Chicago – Yi Jianlian – Chicago needs a long, offense oriented player to compliment Ben Wallace in the paint. And Yi’s group want him to go to a big market team.

10. Sacramento – Spencer Hawes – Assuming they don’t trade Bibby or Artest, a promising big would be the best fit.

11. Atlanta – Acie Law – Atlanta needs a point and Law helped his team win some games with his clutch shooting.

12. Philadelphia – Jason Smith – Did great at the NBA combine event. Measured out better athletically than Joakim Noah.

13. New Orleans – Nick Young – New Orleans biggest need is at the 2. Young is the best available at this point.

14. LA Clippers – Javaris Crittenton – With Sam Cassell getting older, and Livingston’s future uncertain because of his knee injury, the Clippers will probably take the best point guard available.

15. Detroit – Julian Wright – Julian Wright has been slipping because of bad workouts. He’d be a good value pick at this point. Tons of rumor mills have the Pistons taking Stuckey here, but about a month ago he was considered a borderline first rounder. So I don’t quite believe it.

16. Washington – Al Thornton – With Arenas and Jamison becoming free agents next summer, Washington needs someone with star potential.

17. New Jersey – Derrick Byars – If they can resign Vince Carter, the Nets might move Richard Jefferson for a big man, leaving an open spot on the wing.

18. Golden State – Tiago Splitter – Golden State needs an interior post defender to guard guys like Carlos Boozer. I don’t know if Splitter can, but he’s probably the best available tough big guy at this point, and Nelson likes to go after international guys.

19. LA Lakers – Daequan Cook – This is kind of a weird pick, with Daequan cook being a pure 2. I guess I’m going with the idea that the Lakers will look for insurance against Kobe holding out during the pre-season.

20. Miami – Rodney Stuckey – Miami needs a point guard almost as much as the Clippers. Stuckey is a combo guard, you can get away with that playing next to DeWayne Wade.

21. Philadelphia – Thaddeus Young – Philly needs a young player with star potential to replace AI, not in terms of position but in terms of selling tickets.

22. Charlotte – Josh McRoberts – McRoberts is a good multi-dimensional big man that Charlotte might be interested in.

23. NY Knicks – Marco Belinelli
24. Phoenix – Rudy Fernandez
25. Utah – Morris Almond
26. Houston – Sean Williams
27. Detroit – Gabe Pruitt
28. San Antonio – Alando Tucker
29. Phoenix – Kyrylo Fesenko
30. Philadelphia – Ramon Sessions
31. Seattle – Arron Aflalo
32. Boston – Marc Gasol


4 Responses to “Ish Tov’s 2007 NBA Mock Draft”

  1. Oyster said

    No offense my good man, but what perchance does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

  2. Ish Tov said

    Oyster, the uncertainty principle dictates that a small breeze in one part of the world can cause a hurricane in another part of the world, or something like that. I’m probably mixing up adages.

    In other words, nothing. But the blog is a place for folks to communicate on topics of interest. And this is something I wanted to communicate.

    I guess I’m trying to expand the level of interest in the blog by touching on different subjects. Everything doesn’t have to be religious all of the time.

    I actually feel bad that it takes up so much space on the front page, but I don’t know how to truncate it.

  3. Squeedle said

    P1: More at, the butterfly flapping its wings in Timbuktu creating a hurricane in New Orleans. Stupid butterfly.

    P2: At least list your favorite Jewish NBA players 😉 😉 😉

    P3-4: does wordpress not have the equivalent of an lj-cut? I thought it did…

  4. Oyster said

    IshTov, you’re conflating the oft-misquoted Butterfly Effect from chaos theory, and the Hisenberg Uncertainty Principle (also, often misapplied metaphorically).

    “But the blog is a place for folks to communicate on topics of interest.”
    Yes, but is this of interest to everyone? :-p It doesn’t have to be ‘religious’, but I do expect it to be Jewish-related (hat-tip to Squeedle for finding the connection).

    If I didn’t come here to find Jewy content, I’d much rather hang out at …

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