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Ask a Conservative Rabbi

Posted by challahbackgirl on September 11, 2007

We’ve heard of Ask Moses, were a Chabad Rabbi will answer all your Jewish questions 24/6. Well, conservative (in a Jewish sense) Rabbi’s are now at your disposal too. I found this little blurb while roaming around the USCJ site

Ask a Conservative Rabbi
Have you been wondering about some fine point of Jewish law? Do you want to know why you do something, or how you should do something, or whether you should do something? A group of Conservative rabbis, each a specialist in some aspect of halakha, can answer your emailed question. These rabbis should not be seen as replacements for your own rabbi, whose opinion is definitive in his or her own synagogue, but they can provide in-depth explanations to a whole range of questions. To ask a question, email askarabbi[at]


2 Responses to “Ask a Conservative Rabbi”

  1. Oyster said


    They’ll regret the day that they ever posted up that email addy. I’m gonna hit them like a load of bricks!

  2. Oyster said

    I just sent them a reeeeeeeeealy doozy. Tee-hee!

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