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Travel Around the World in Leviathan the Jewish Voice from UCSC

Posted by challahbackgirl on December 21, 2007

If you’ve ever read my bio here, you know I used to be on the staff of Leviathan, the Jewish voice of UCSC and the longest running Jewish campus paper. For years students has been trying to get the paper online, and have only made small strides. I’m proud of the current Leviathan Staff who’ve put out an awesome Fall issue of this news magazine. (Even if they did spell my name wrong in a shout out in an article by a staff writer who started writing when I was Editor and is now graduating). I’m even more excited to be able to bring you this issue online in a beautiful PDF. Of course, if you’re in Santa Cruz, you should pick up a copy yourself and get the full effect of smooth cover in your hands and the satisfaction of turning each page. As the letter from the Editors explains, this issue has an international theme, and is relevant to everyone, not just the UCSC campus community. Please take the time to open the PDF and take a look for yourself. I know how hard the students work to put out such an great publication, so take a moment to show them you care and leave some comments here or contact them at leviathanucsc[at]

This issue includes interviews with long time Campus professors and big time musicians, Teapacks and Y-love. Sheds light on Jewish practices surrounding death, and discusses the United Jewish Communities General Assembly, and that’s just the tip of the ice berg. From Jews in the media to Jews in Italy they’ve got something to say about it. The pages are packed so take peek now.

Todah Shari and team for an issue well done and sharing it with us.


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  1. […] to our daily lives and neglected to let you know how it was. So, with some help from our friends at Leviathan, who we ran into in line, we’re going to catch you up on the action and musicians. (Thanks […]

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