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Join Our New Mailing List: Important Change to CBDYAG Event Annoucements

Posted by challahbackgirl on December 30, 2007

Over the past year CBDYAG has gone through many changes and is experiencing positive growing pains. For the coming (secular) year we’re making some changes. We’re hoping the changes are for the better and that you’ll work with us in this process. If you haven’t heard, we launched a renaming CBDYAG contest, enter Now to win 2 tickets to AMC Theaters.

Google Groups LogoBesides the name, we’re changing our mailing from the Yahoo!Group that it’s been to a Google Group. You can visit to sign yourself up for the group or send cbdyag[at] a request to be subscribed to the mailing list/group. Please included the e-mail you would like subscribed in your message.

We’ll try to keep messages to 1 a week, with all the latest event info and group news. To this end, we will no longer be inviting you to event through evite, but rather linking to evites in our weekly message. You can add yourself to any of the evites-we encourage it in fact.

Those of you in our Facebook group will still be invited to events there.

Please bare with us during this transition.

We always welcome your feedback to cbdyag[at]





One Response to “Join Our New Mailing List: Important Change to CBDYAG Event Annoucements”

  1. […] all their goings on, they’re moving their mailing list to a Google Group, be sure you get included, by adding yourself to the group or by sending them an e-mail with a request to be subscribed to […]

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