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Matza Cookoff April 14

Posted by jewsnextdor on March 31, 2008

Matzah Cookoff

Monday, April 14, 2008


Private Home in San Jose
RSVP for location


Jews’ Next Dor invite you to enter our first ever Matzah Cookoff. Bring your ready to eat dish and after judging everyone will get to eat the dishes. See below for the rules. Judging will be at a private home in San Jose. Please RSVP for the address to jewsnextdor[at]

The Rules:

  • Your dish must feature matzah in some way
  • It must be something that could be made kosher for passover

(You’re welcome to bring a kosher for passover dish that doesn’t have matzah to share, but your dish won’t be eligible for judging)

  • All items should be cooked and prepared in advanced.
  • All dishes will be consumed by participants and event attendees after judging
  • Submit your recipe to jewsnextdor[at] by Sunday, April 13 at Noon. (Recipes will be also be included on the recipe exchange on our website)


The Judging:

  • Shelley is the official judge
  • All judging will take place on Monday, April 14.
  • Chef of winning dish will receive a cookbook

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