Jews' Next Dor

Congregation Beth David's Young Adult Group for Jewish 20 & 30 Somethings

Recap: 60 Dinners for 60 Years of Israel Potluck Shabbat

Posted by challahbackgirl on April 13, 2008

On March 28, fifteen young adults from Jews’ Next Dor, Congregation Beth David‘s Young Adult Group, celebrated Shabbat by packing into Shelley’s apartment for a cozy potluck dinner. We gathered to celebrate more then Shabbat, but as part of the community wide celebration of Israel at 60. Our dinner was one of 60 dinners organized through the JCRC of the Silicon Valley.

We welcomed shabbat over a bottle of Bartenura Moscato and some of the best Challah in the Bay Area, made by one of the attendees. We noshed and schmoozed until we were farmatert (tired). The atmosphere was jovial and relaxed.

Amongst the attendees were Neta the Israeli shlichah for the Silicion Valley JCC as well as Orly the Israeli shlichah for Hillel at Stanford who engaged us in conversations about everything from MASA and Birthright programs in Israel to Israeli pop music and Arabic slang.

Did we enjoy ourselves? B’rur!

See pictures or read about other dinners that are part of 60 Dinners for 60 Years of Israel.


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