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Camp Ramah Nor Cal?

Posted by challahbackgirl on May 28, 2008

Dear Member,

As you may know, our congregation has a long-standing relationship with Camp Ramah. The Ramah camps are the official camps of the Conservative movement, and have played a strong role in strengthening the Jewish identity and commitment of thousands of campers over the years. Many Jewish professionals (including the two of us) and lay leaders have the Ramah experience in their background. Beth David has sent an increasing number of kids to Ramah, and they all have had a fantastic experience. So when Ramah asks us for help, we are happy to comply. Below is an email from Rabbi Daniel Greyber, Director of Camp Ramah in California, and a group of lay leaders who are working on a project very close to our hearts — a Camp Ramah for Northern California. A few weeks ago Rabbi Greyber contacted us and told us about this exciting project, one that we think would have great benefit for community. Now, this dedicated group needs to hear from us – not just potential camper parents, but our whole community! Please take a moment to fill out this survey.
Sincerely yours,
Rabbi Daniel Pressman
Rabbi Aaron Schonbrun

Ramah header
May 19, 2008
Dear Friend,
Camp Ramah in California, located in Ojai 70 miles north of Los Angeles, was established in 1956, when fewer than 500,000 Jews lived in the Western states.  Today, the Jewish population in the West exceeds 1.5 million and California alone is now home to well over a million Jews.
The Jewish distribution within California has also changed dramatically. When the original Camp Ramah in California was established in 1956, there were under 100,000 Jews living in theNorthern California region.  Today’s estimated Jewish population inNorthern California is approximately 500,000.
As a direct result of the strong Jewish population growth in the Northern California region, a dedicated group of lay leaders are working with CampRamah in California to determine the feasibility of building an overnight Ramah Camp Northern California.
As a first step in this effort, we are embarking upon a study to determine
  1. the number of campers a Ramah camp could reasonably expect to recruit on an annual basis
  2. the community attitudes to Jewish summer camping in general, to the Ramah brand, and to year-round retreat programming.
Your participation in this survey, and the participation of your peers, will provide us valuable information as we plan, organize, and begin conversation with community members about the importance of a Ramah camp to the Northern California region, a camp that we believe can play an important role in cultivating educated, passionate Jewish leadership for this growing community’s future.
We encourage you to take 10-15 minutes of your time to complete this survey by clicking on the following link:
We also encourage you to invite your family, friends and colleagues in the Northern California region to complete the survey.  Please send the link to those individuals who you believe would like to contribute their opinions on the development of Camp Ramah Northern California.
Thank you for your participation in this important study.
Daniel signature

Rabbi Daniel Greyber
Executive Director
Camp Ramah in California

P.S. This survey is being conducted by an independent research firm, Vital Research.  Your responses will be completely confidential, and no information that could identify you will be provided to Camp Ramah.  If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Dr. Harold Urman at Vital Research (; 888.848.2511).


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