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28th Annual San Francisco Jewish Film Festival July 24-August 11

Posted by challahbackgirl on July 3, 2008

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again, it’s like only yesterday that we were enjoying, or standing in line for the 27 annual SF Jewish Film Festival. But, it’s Back this year for it’s 28th festival, and it has grown. This year’s festival features 70 films, from 19 countries presented in 114 screening in 5 locations.

Georgia My LoveFor those of you who spent time waiting in line last year at the Palo Alto venue, only to not get in. This year they’ve changed venues to a bigger theater, but learn from the past and get your tickets in advance! This a popular festival, and you’ll want to be sure to have a seat.

The festival also features many great events, like meeting directors, opening night bashes, and special deals. Not to mention many of these films are premiering, and have won or been nominated for awards.

The line up includes films for everyone, from documentary’s to comedy, from romance to politics, you name it, this festival has it all. With such a diverse selection, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. Or you’ll be like me and be over whelmed just reading the program guide.

One of the films recommended for young adults is Black Over White. Which is about The Idan Raichel Project 2006 concert tour in Ethiopia, and issues of identity. You’re rocked out to their music a few times over the last two years, most recently at Israel in the Gardens. Now have a different experience with the band, get to the them. And don’t miss out on The Hubs post film happy hour with the filmmakers, after the SF showing. (facebook event for happy hour)

Join The Hub, Be’chol Lashon, and the New Israel Fund for an exclusive happy hour with the filmmakers of ‘Black Over White’ at A Bon Port. Light Mediterranean apperizers and wine will be served.




Tomer Heymann followed Israeli pop/world-beat band The Idan Raichel Project on their 2006 concert tour to Ethiopia and emerged with a documentary that rollicks and rocks. The film, part lighthearted road trip, part examination of multiculturalism in Israel, is a close-up ride with the young Israeli-Ethiopian-Yemenite band members, who muse on the loss of their heritage and on their excitement as tourists embracing roots in Africa. Black Over White deftly explores their cultural ambivalence and their experience of racism back home in Israel. One of the musicians is reunited with his grandmother in Addis, music is made with rural villagers and in urban clubs, and in one poignant sequence, future immigrants to Israel meet the musicians. The culminating concert—a fusion of Middle Eastern multiethnic grooves—is a success and emotional high point, but for the band members, the meaning of home remains elusive.

Film starts at 4:30 at the Castro Theater
Happy Hour starts at 6:30 at A Bon Port

Founded in 1980, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is the first and largest of its kind in the world. Today, we are more than a festival: we are the leading advocate for independent Jewish cinema.

Other films recommended for the young adult crowd are Flipping Out, Homemade Hero, It Kinda Scares Me, Jews in Shorts, Mom, I didn’t Kill Your Daughter, Stalags-Holocaust and Pornography in Israel, Tel Aviv by Girls. But of course you’re welcome to see any of the films offered.

Get your tickets now as films are sure to sell out!

If you’ve seen or see one of the films at the festival we’d love to post your comments (review). Send your guest post to jewsnextdor[at]

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