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New HIV Benchmarks Worldwide: Join AIDS Walk SF

Posted by jewsnextdor on July 4, 2008

Signup for AIDS Walk SF 2008 by Noon July 9th

Register for Team Jews

We reached our team member goal! Thanks to all those, including Rabbi Pressman, who have signed up to walk 10 with us in the fight against AIDS. You can still sign up to join our team, Jews’ Next Dor online until Noon on Wednesday, July 9th.

But now we need everyone’s help to reach our fund raising goal. AIDS Walk San Francisco benefits the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Proceeds from the event also fund HIV/AIDS Community Grants, administered by the Horizons Foundation.  In 2008, grants will be distributed to 50+ HIV/AIDS organizations serving the six Bay Area counties.See the full list of who benefits here, not to mention the great exercise the walkers get. You can sponsor our whole team, or individual walkers, a few of our walkers have taken the Star Walker Challenge, to raise $1,000, please help them reach their goals. Thank you in advance for all your tax deductible donations. Let’s help AIDS Walk SF have a another record breaking year! Together we can step up and stop AIDS.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation – .  Established in 1982, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation develops innovative solutions, combining  evidence-based strategies with community experience to fight HIV/AIDS and promote holistic good  health.  With the unrestricted funds raised by AIDS Walk San Francisco, the Foundation is able to provide direct services to thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS and focus intensive prevention programs to  those most at risk of contracting the disease.

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation continues to lead the way in HIV/AIDS advocacy, lobbying for critical  policy change in Sacramento and Washington, and working to ensure unfettered access to life-saving HIV  treatment and care.

Your support enables the Foundation to realize its mission of ending the pandemic and human suffering  caused by HIV.

Check out the 40 page Program Guide in PDF now. New statistics are currently coming out on HIV, see what the SFAF has to say about them. Still 25% of people don’t know they have HIV.
HIV statistics

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