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Apple and Honey Cocktail

Posted by jewsnextdor on September 18, 2008

This recipe took 2nd place in the Sweet category of our 2008 Apples & Honey Cook-off.

Apple and Honey Cocktail

Makes 1 cup


40 ml Finlandia vodka

20 ml Smirnoff apple twist

25 ml lime juice

25 ml sugar syrup

15 ml honey

A dash of apple liquor

Half a Red Granny apples in cut into small pieces

Lots of ice


1. Combine and enjoy.


One Response to “Apple and Honey Cocktail”

  1. […] Posted by jewsnextdor on August 28, 2009 This weeks j. weekly food column by Faith Kramer features recipes from Jews’ Next Dor’s first Apples and Honey Cook-off a year ago. They include our Savory category winner, a Baked Brie and Faith’s version of our 2nd place winner in the Dessert category, an Apple Cocktail (Original entry recipe). […]

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