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Deng Jongkuch: A Lost Boy’s Journey

Posted by jewsnextdor on October 26, 2008

A Lost Boy’s Journey

Tuesday, November 11


Congregation Beth David
19700 Prospect Road, Saratoga, Ca.

Come meet Deng Jongkuch, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, and hear his dramatic story at Congregation Beth David. In 1987, at the age of 5, Deng–with no one from his immediate family–escaped from his village in Southern Sudan while it was under attack from Sudan government troops. He walked many miles–with no water or food–from Sudan to Ethiopia and then to Kenya to seek safety. In 2001, after nearly fourteen years in refugee camps, Deng was selected with 3,800 other boys to come to the United States. He recently graduated from San Jose State University. Deng returned to his village in the summer of 2005 and was joyfully reunited with his family but was dismayed to see his village in poor condition with no roads, clean water, medical supplies or a school. Deng now returns to his village every summer and is passionately committed to helping rebuild it and other villages in Sudan. The event is free, but donations to ImpactAVillage are greatly appreciated. Sponsored by the Beth David Social Action Committee.


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