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What’s that (Jewish) Song

Posted by challahbackgirl on October 29, 2008

We’ve all had those moments, where we have something stuck in our head or hear something on the radio, but we just don’t know it is, or how the rest of it goes. While there are solutions to this are out there for general music (check out, that a couple Jews’ Next Dor work for). For Jewish or Hebrew songs this hasn’t been as easy. That is the problem that Zemirot database is here to fix. They’re growing database has words in Hebrew and English transliteration for lots of Jewish songs, prayers, etc. Not everything has song clips, but they’ve got it setup that anyone with a microphone for their computer can record a song for inclusion. Please can leave comments, edit songs, add translations, etc. It documents where information comes from, the history of the songs, and has a hebrew keyboard too. There are also a bunch of different search abilities for their database, though no audio search.

Recently Project Reconnect has partnered with the Zemirot database to help create the web’s largest user-generated collection of Jewish songs and liturgy.

Here’s what Project Reconnect’s website had to say

Project Reconnect is partnering with the Zemirot Database ( to help create the web’s largest user-generated collection of Zemirot, liturgy, and other Jewish songs. If you love to sing or enjoy zemirot, now is your chance to contribute and keep the memories of those special Shabbat and holiday moments and times spent in Israel, USY, Camp Ramah, etc.,forever in your life!

We’ve also added the database to our blogroll, and their Facebook fan page.


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