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Contribute an Idea to a Book about Synagogues

Posted by jewsnextdor on December 9, 2008

From the Co-Star blog ( CBD’s Rabbi Schonbrun is a graduate of the STAR PEER program)

December 4, 2008 – ז’ כסלו תשס”ט by:

toolsI’m writing a book to be published by The Alban Institute entitled Tools for Shuls: A Guide to Makeover Your Synagogue. While the book has the title “synagogue” in it, anyone who works in churches and other non-profit organizations, and cares about subjects, including:

  • Being a talent scout for new congregational volunteers
  • Expanding and deepening your volunteer leadership base
  • Assessing your progress on achieving your mission
  • Facilitating change by rocking the boat just enough
  • Digital dreaming–using technology to extend the reach of synagogues.

will hopefully find the book of interest.

In the spirit of innovation and community, I’m building my book around this blog and I’ll be using your comments on my posts to shape it (if I use your idea, you will be credited in the book). So I’m really eager to hear from you! If you have clergy friends of other faiths or know of synagogue leaders who might be interested in this blog, please forward the link to them as well.

Each week, I’ll be posting on a different topic. The posts will actually be housed in a separate blog, appropriately called, Tools for Shuls ( The title of each post will appear on the CO-STAR blog, with a link directly to Tools for Shuls. That way, in addition to reading thoughtful posts on CO-STAR, you’ll be able to easily get to Tools for Shuls. I’m excited to begin this new way of writing a book. And I’m even more excited to hear from you, as much of what I’ll be writing about flows from experiences in working with you in different initiatives.

So please click here to read and respond to my first post about how to best initiate change in synagogues–by reaching for “low hanging fruit” or by “reaching for the stars.”

Thanks for enriching this important discussion.

Rabbi Hayim Herring


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