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Bob & Bob’s second annual Christmas Kumsitz

Posted by challahbackgirl on December 23, 2008

Bob and Bob (fine Jewish gifts and books) invites you to join them for their second annual Christmas Kumsitz. They are located at 4500 El Camino Real, Los Altos, California. Here’s their invitation:

join our second annual christmas kumsitz
thursday, december 25, 1-4
with elaine moise, lead singer of the klezmakers and souska and mordecai of hot kugel
bring your guitar, tambourine, accordian, bongos, mandolin, your clapping hands or just your singing voice
we’ll sing hebrew songs, yiddish songs, camp songs, union songs, pop songs and whatever songs pop into our heads

you can even just sit and listen

our hours this week:
monday-wednesday 10-6, thursday 12-5, friday, 10-3
happy hanukkah!


2 Responses to “Bob & Bob’s second annual Christmas Kumsitz”

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  2. andeeroo said

    Lady Challah: Happy, Chanukah! The Macabees would kick those Hellinists out of the temple again if they had to do it. Celebrate the light with song.

    May I invite you to read my satirical take on the battle to celebrate religion in the public square?

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