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Help Mission Minyan Scribe Their First Torah

Posted by challahbackgirl on December 23, 2008

SF’s Mission Minyan has been using loaner Torah’s for their Shabbat services, Simchat Torah, etc. They’ve decided it’s time to scribe their own. They’ve done all the leg work to pick the perfect sofer for them in Israel. Now you come in, make this a personal Torah by sponsoring a word to a whole book. I’ll let the Minyan give you all the details:

What is a minyan without its own Torah?We’ve decided to get our very own. It is being scribed RIGHT NOW in Israel. This is a new Torah, written in a gorgeous hand by a scholar whom we selected after a long process of looking at calligraphy for beauty and legibility.

You’re invited to help out on this once-in-a-lifetime project for the Minyan.

As in parshat T’rumah, everyone is invited to bring what they can to this project. We made up some guidelines. Feel free to offer whatever you can, and then celebrate as the text you helped create joins us this year.

Sponsor something in the scroll….and beam with pride when at a huge  welcoming celebration we will ink the last letters together with a sofer.

A word or name: $36
A verse of your choosing: $180
An aliyah: $360
Your special parsha: $720
An entire book of the Torah: $3600 (CHAZAK CHAZAK!!!)

Please feel free to send this email to anyone in your life who may feel moved to contribute.

This opportunity is open for three weeks – until January 13th. Please chime in with the aliyah, parsha, word or book that you want as soon as you can.

Donations can be made at

If you make a donation over $100, consider mailing in a check instead
– to save us the 3% commission – drop us an email at to let us know it’s on its way:

Mission Minyan
2215-R Market Street #447
San Francisco, CA 94114
Chazak Chazak V’nitzhazek,
The Mission Minyan


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