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SF VOICE FOR ISRAEL TO COUNTER: “National Day of Action Against Attacks on Gaza”

Posted by challahbackgirl on December 29, 2008

As Israel continues to protect its citizens, and defend its right to use military action in holding Hamas responsible for its escalation in violence, the PR war rages on around the world. Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 30th in the early evening there will be a counter protest to the “National Day of Action Against Attacks on Gaza” protest in front of the Israeli Consulate. The counter protest is organized by the SF Voice for Israel.
Tuesday, December 30th @ 4:45 PM
Israeli Consulate (456 Montgomery St., San Francisco)

Description: Israel is taking care of business in Gaza, and it is upon us to watch her back, here, on the streets of San Francisco. As we have seen from recent events in the region, PR war is a big part of this conflict, and “the streets” is where it’s fought, and no one will fight it but us.

Under the camouflage of “Peace Movement”, haters and misguided-ones will be holding a demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate to protest the “Holocaust in Gaza”. We ask, where were they for 3 years to “stand for peace” when Israelis were being bombed, killed and injured? We ask why are the fair-minded supporters of Palestinians not outraged by Hamas’s continuous provocations which clearly led to this defensive action, by its human shields tactics, and by its complete disregard for human life, both Israeli and Palestinian? We ask, what would United States, Turkey, Russia or China do, if 750,000 of its citizens were under constant cross-border shelling? We ask, the questions that are at the heart of this conflict, the ones that no-one will ask if we are not there!

So be there, with your own questions and answers, and flags and energy, to show by our solid presence our unwavering solidarity with the Jewish State.

As always, feel free to make your own signs but please no signs or graphics offensive to any racial or ethnic group including but not limited to Arabs, Islam, or Palestinians. Signs in violation of our policies will not be allowed
For more information please contact Julie Bersntein (415) 977-7434 or JBernstein[at]

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