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Silicon Valley Jewish community stands with Israel

Posted by challahbackgirl on December 31, 2008

Statement from the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley.

Statement to the Jewish Community

The Silicon Valley Jewish community stands with Israel as she defends her citizens against the incessant rocket fire on civilian centers from Gaza. JCRC Vice Chair, Harold Goldberg, is currently in Israel, and reflected on the situation. “Israel is trying to deal with a nearly impossible situation where they pulled out completely from Gaza three years ago, and have had to tolerate over 6000 rockets landing in Israel in that time. The population in the south can not be expected to live a normal life if they have to run to shelters many times a day. Israel needs our support to both change this dynamic on the ground and to
help the international community understand how intolerable the situation is.”

Our support for Israel at this time is critical, and our JCRC Director, Diane Fisher, and the JCRC Israel Committee are keeping updated through Israeli and American leadership contacts. The general atmosphere in Israel right now is calm, but Israelis are preparing themselves for the possibility that the conflict will last longer than anticipated. They have created a new national Emergency Authority, called RACHEL (for its Hebrew acroynm), that is coordinating security, rescue, education and government efforts. We hope that you will not only keep informed, but also take action to help others understand the situation fully.


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