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Reflections on Tu B’Shvat

Posted by Scoby on February 9, 2009

Every year I’m amazed that the trees around here begin to bloom in February. Right around Tu B’Shvat. It’s like they know!

The song I learned at Yavneh Day School calls Tu B’Shvat the birthday of the trees. Historically, it’s the day marking the beginning of the tithe-tax year. In my family it means having a Tu B’Shvat Seder. At the Tu B’Shvat Seder we drink 4 cups of wine, each progressively darker than the previous. We also eat tree fruits in 3 courses: fruits with hard shells, fruits with pits, and fruits that are completely edible. We’re never quite sure which course avocados should go in.

This year my mom and I went to the farmers market and found many a new and exotic fruit. We had sweet limes, cherimoyas, guavas (so fragrant they perfumed the whole room), as well as kiwis, figs, dates, mixed nuts in shell, and some super sweet tangerines my mom’s coworker brought over. As a main course I made carrot soup with curry and coconut milk, which we served with olive bread. We also found some tamarinds at Whole Foods but forgot to serve them at the seder. They tasted like a mixture of date, raisin, and wheat flour, with a big ol’ seed in the middle.

We had so much leftover wine and fruit this morning, next year we’re planning to do two seders. I hope you all had a lovely Tu B’shvat. Enjoy the early blooms of spring!


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