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Support the effort to Bring Home Gilad Shalit on Facebook

Posted by challahbackgirl on March 15, 2009

The World Zionist Organization sends a message to Jews of the Diaspora on how to use Facebook to support Gilad Shalit’s family who are putting pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Olmert to bring Gilad home after almost 1000 days since he was taken captive. t

Bring Home Gilad Shalit

An important message from Dr. David Breakstone, Head of the Department of Zionist Activities at the World Zionist Organization, and Senior VP for Masorti Olami and MERCAZ Olami:

Somehow it seems that we Jews are never able to completely let go and just enjoy ourselves. Even Purim, the occasion when we come closest to receiving a religious commandment of abandonment, is marred by recollections of suffering past and present. As we read the Megillah this week, we cannot help but be aware that this is already the third year running that Gilad Shalit is not going to have the opportunity to do so. Nor will his parents, relatives and friends be able to experience the real joy of the holiday.

A few days ago, approaching 1000 days of Gilad’s being in captivity, they pitched a tent opposite the Prime Minister’s residence where they are now maintaining a vigil 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to put pressure on PM Olmert to bring Gilad home before he leaves office in another several days. They have already been visited by thousands of Israelis who are coming to express their support for the family’s efforts, and to boost their morale in the process.

As an act of solidarity with the Shalit family, the Department for Zionist Activities has set up a Facebook group called: BringHomeGiladShalit and is organizing an “event” that began this afternoon through which  Jews of the Diaspora will be able to visit them as well in a virtual tent that will cover the globe. On Thursday, March 19, if Gilad is not yet home, the staff of the Department will be visiting the Shalit family in person, hoping to be able to let them know that tens of thousands of Jews around the world feel their pain and support their efforts.

We are asking you to get out this information to as many people as you possibly can, encouraging them either to join the Facebook group and attend the virtual event at

or to send an e-mail of support to On Thursday of this week we will also have information posted on our website:

It will be our privilege to serve as your personal messenger to the Shalit family, and to bring them the support and best wishes of all those you are able to reach with this important message.

With prayers that next year we will be celebrating at this time together with Gilad.

Dr. David Breakstone
Head of the Department for Zionist Activities
World Zionist Organization


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