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The APJCC Center for Jewish Life & Learning is in Jeopoardy of Closing

Posted by challahbackgirl on March 23, 2009

Many of the APJCC programs are organized through it’s Center for Jewish Life and Learning. It was originally funded through a 2 year grant from Koret. For the past 3 months it’s been funded out the APJCC pocket. They cannot maintain this. Koret will continue to give them funds if they raise 1/3 of the grant.If the funds aren’t raised the center will close. Programs threated include Melton, Community Night of Learning, One Community One Book and many more. Below you’ll find Rabbi Pressmans praise of the center as well as a plea for support from the Federation.

“I am so pleased with the development of the Jewish Life and Learning program at the Addison-Penzak JCC. Many of my members have participated, and in some cases were inspired to become more active in worship and learning at the synagogue. Rabbi Fenton has been creative and substantive in his programming, and has always been alert to the need to collaborate with the synagogues. They are worthy of further support.”
– Daniel Pressman, Rabbi of Congregation Beth David

Save the APJCC Center for Jewish Life & Learning

Do you think it’s important for the JCC to have Jewish programming? We know you do!

Most Jewish programming at Silicon Valley’s JCC is run by the APJCC Center for Jewish Life & Learning, supported by a grant from the Koret Foundation. Now that grant is in jeopardy. Koret has asked the APJCC to raise one-third of the funding itself this year, before Koret will release the other two-thirds of the funding for the grant.

The APJCC needs to raise $62,500 by March 31st, or the APJCC Center for Jewish Life & Learning will close. They are on the way to meeting this fundraising challenge, but they need your help to reach the goal.

Please give as generously as you can. The APJCC will not cash your check or charge your credit card until they raise enough to begin receiving grant funding from Koret. If they don’t raise sufficient funds, your contribution will be returned. Donations can be sent to APJCC, Attn: CJLL Matching Grant, 14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032.

For a donation form, click here:

For more details, click here:


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