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Breaking News: Golden (Falafel) Ball of Santa Clara is offically Trief

Posted by challahbackgirl on July 27, 2009

In July 2007, The Golden (falafel) ball opened in Santa Clara. While their location is a bit off the beaten path. I was really excited for having a Kosher meat establishment in the South Bay. So excited, I went with Oyster on opening day, and they’ve improved their service and take credit cards now. But Today, I’m sad. No longer will I be able to enjoy their beef kabob plate. In fact, you’ll probably never see me there again.

Today they announced that they will no longer serve Kosher meat.

Dear Customers:

Beginning July 27th we will no longer be serving kosher meat, therefore our prices will decrease. Be assured the quality of food will remain the same. Sincere apologies to our loyal regular customers who would have eaten here for the kosher meat. visit our website for new menu:

Thank you,
The Golden Falafel Ball!!

While they do say give their apologies for casting their Kosher customers away. That’s not consoling, I rather have the prepared Kosher meat that I can’t get other places, then apologies, which are much easier to come by, even from the most stubborn of people.

So it’s with a heavy heart, I inform you that Golden Ball of Santa Clara is fully Treif.


2 Responses to “Breaking News: Golden (Falafel) Ball of Santa Clara is offically Trief”

  1. Oyster said


  2. They are now closed. They do Kosher catering.

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