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The Kitchen Table presents “If You’re Jewish & Single…Come and Mingle”

Posted by challahbackgirl on August 4, 2009

this just in from the fine folks at the The Kitchen Table Kosher resturant on Castro Street in Mountain View.

The Kitchen Table invites you on August 5th to the first-annual “Tu B’ Av Small Plates Social: If You’re Jewish & Single…Come and Mingle!” event. Those lucky enough to be attached are most welcome, too!

According to the Talmud, Tu B’Av was a joyous holiday for the Jewish people, where unmarried girls would dress in simple white dresses so that there was no way of distinguishing between the rich and poor. Young women would sing and dance in the blooming vineyards surrounding Jerusalem, hoping to find love. Today, the date is still considered to be an auspicious day for marriage and matchmaking…no pressure. Although The Kitchen Table is not a vineyard in the hills of Jerusalem, we’re excited to celebrate this tradition in a more modern setting- on our Castro Street outdoor patio! The Kitchen Table welcomes singles and couples to enjoy a special selection of delicious tapas, quality wine and good company on our outdoor patio. no white dresses required.


2 Responses to “The Kitchen Table presents “If You’re Jewish & Single…Come and Mingle””

  1. Jessa said

    what time?

  2. 7pm-9pm

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