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CBD gets involved with Noten Yad–A Message from the CBD Rabbi’s–A Call to Action for you

Posted by jewsnextdor on January 10, 2010

At Beth David, we have a long history of civic engagement and social action
as we focus on a central teaching of Judaism – Tikkun Olam – healing the
world. As we tell the world on our web site, “Beth David has worked to
embrace the idea that all human beings are made betzelem Elohim, in God’s
image, and that the entire world and all that is in it should be understood
as a gift, on loan to us from God. This Jewish world view demands a great
responsibility to care for all who are suffering in our world, as well as
the world itself, continually striving to bring holiness and wholeness into
our midst.”

A diverse group of your fellow Beth David members is introducing a new
program focused on creating positive changes for our neighbors and ourselves
that we define! We will listen to the personal concerns and stories of our
fellow congregants and turn them into action both within Beth David and in
our wider community.

With the support of a 20 year-old, faith based organization, PACT (People
Acting in Community Together), we plan to implement a proven methodology for
identifying common concerns and working to make beneficial change. PACT
offers us their broad base of support here in Silicon Valley and their
expertise in working with congregations.

There are already 22 local congregations of all faiths implementing this
type of program, including Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos, Congregation
Shir Hadash in Los Gatos, and Temple Emanuel in San Jose. Examples of issues
other congregations have addressed include:
•       Education
•       Health Care
•       Affordable Housing
•       Immigration
•       Elder Care & Supporting Aging Parents
•       Caring for the Environment
•       Community Safety


This is not a fundraising program! This program focuses on community action
to address the concerns of our congregants.

1.      Become a Listener: You will be trained (a 2 hour session) in how to
listen to fellow congregants at one or two home hosted small meetings and
help report consensus issues. We have two opportunities to attend the
training at Beth David: Monday, January 25th, 7:30 to 9:30 PM and Sunday,
February 14th, 10 AM to Noon.

2.      Share your personal concerns and stories with a Beth David “Listener”.
That means coming to a small meeting just once.

3.      Join the coordinating committee of Noten Yad: You’ll help translate the
issues we have heard from our fellow Beth David members into community
action and create positive change.

4.      Once action begins, support that action by attending community meetings
with local officials to foster change.

Please let us know of your interest by emailing
Tell us in which of the above activities you wish to participate. If you can
become a listener, tell us which training meeting you can attend.

Pirke Avot teaches us: “Do not separate yourself from the community”.  Noten
Yad will add our voices to those congregations of many faiths in our Silicon
Valley community to extend a hand.

Please respond positively.

Rabbi Daniel Pressman
Rabbi Aaron Schonbrun


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