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Chocolate, Coffee, Games, Crafts…

Posted by jewsnextdor on January 10, 2010

Purim is coming! We’re less then 2 months away from this holiday of Hamentashen, Costumes, Megilat Esther reading and CBD’s annual Purim Carnival. Continuing from their sucess last year, CBD’s Sisterhood is organizing another Silent Auction for during the carnival.

Jews’ Next Dor is participating by collecting donations for 2 baskets for the Auction. Our 2 baskets are Decadence (chocolate, coffee, spa, wine, etc.) and Games and Crafts for all ages (Family fun night).

Donations are being accepted at all Jews’ Next Dor’s January events. You or you can make private arrangements with us at JewsNextDor[at] If you’d like to a monetary contribution please contact us as well. Whether you get items donated or purchase items, please let us know their value so we know the value of the total baskets. Please keep all food donations kosher.

All donations must be received by January 31st.

Questions? Comments? Donations? JewsNextDor[at]beth-david.or

3 Responses to “Chocolate, Coffee, Games, Crafts…”

  1. sophia fenez said

    Hello, am new to your single’s club. Please state any details that would be helpful. Thanks. Sf

  2. Un Serres said

    Cool share!Also I liked this blog’s layout.You will surely see me around your blog quite often as I like improving my knowledge.

  3. Abendkleid said


    […]Chocolate, Coffee, Games, Crafts… « Jews' Next Dor[…]…

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