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CJL: Three Women and a Talmud: The Story of Rashi’s Daughters Concludes with Book Three—Rachel

Posted by challahbackgirl on January 18, 2010

CBD Adult Education Presents…



Jewish Learning

January 19, 2010

Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Three Women and a Talmud: The Story of Rashi’s Daughters Concludes with Book Three—Rachel

Speaker: Author Maggie Anton

Maggie Anton will speak about the research behind her best- selling “Rashi’s Daughters” trilogy, set in the household of the great medieval Talmud scholar who had no sons, only daughters. Among the topics she’ll discuss: What was life like for Jewish women in 11th century France? Were Rashi’s daughters really learned? Did they actually wear tefillin? Why should a 21st century Jew care about Rashi, his daughters, and how French Jews lived in the 11th century anyway? The answers to these questions will surprise and fascinate you.

Book signing and sales will follow the talk.

The epic historical series of three sisters in 11th-century France concludes with the dramatic tale of Rachel, the youngest (and favorite) child of the great Salomon Ben Isaac (aka Rashi). A brilliant entrepreneur admired for her discernment as well as her beauty, she is working to build a successful textile business that will keep her husband Eliezer at home rather than traveling on increasingly lengthy trading missions. Before Rachel can achieve her dream, however, disaster strikes. The marauders of the First Crusade massacre nearly the entire Jewish population of Germany, and her beloved father suffers a stroke. Eliezer wants to take his family to the safety of Spain, but Rachel is determined to stay in France and help her family save the Troyes yeshiva, the only remnant of the great centers of Jewish learning in Europe. Maggie Anton vividly brings to life the world of 11th-century France and a remarkable Jewish woman of dignity, passion, and strength, who thrived, against all odds, in this challenging time.

About the Speaker: Maggie Anton was born Margaret Antonofsky in Los Angeles, California. Raised in a secular, socialist household, she reached adulthood with little knowledge of Judaism. All that changed when David Parkhurst, her future husband, entered her life and both discovered Judaism as adults. In 1995, while studying in a woman’s Talmud class, she became intrigued with the idea that Rashi, one of Judaism’s greatest scholars, had no sons, but three daughters – daughters reputed to be learned in a time when women were traditionally forbidden to study the sacred texts. These forgotten women seemed ripe for rediscovery.
A donation of $3 for members and $5 for nonmembers is requested.

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