Jews' Next Dor

Congregation Beth David's Young Adult Group for Jewish 20 & 30 Somethings

Jews’ Next Dor: Music Jam Havdala Party

Posted by moshez on January 18, 2010

Ever wanted to play the harmonica? Ever felt like all those music lessons you took as a kid went to waste? Do you want to sing, play and have fun with Jews?

Your search is over!

We’ll start by observing the Havdala Mitzvah. We’ll light the candles, and see the Shabbat off. But we’re seeing the Shabbat off with style!

Jay will teach you — yes you — to play the harmonica. A free music lesson! What could be better, right? Within minutes, you’ll find yourself harmonizing to “Blowin’ In the Wind” (“harmonizing” is what we harmonica players call “making the occasional mistake while playing”).

Then, with such experience under your belt, we’ll all join in songs, both Jewish and secular, so bring your favorites! And if you can play on some other instrument (guitar, harmonica, accordion, flute, clarinet or anything else) bring it with you! Jam with us as we sing songs! Of course, if you just want to listen to a bunch of people singing and playing, you’re also welcome — and to make sure we sound better, be sure to partake of enough wine!

More information at the facebook event


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