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e-Waste 3-Day reCycling event at Congregation Beth David

Posted by challahbackgirl on February 9, 2010

Hi all you Silicon Valley folks out there. We know you love getting the latest in technology, the lastest hardware, apps, etc. Well, now you can do a little (almost) spring cleaning to make way for all your new technology, or get rid of the old stuff that’s laying around. Not only is it a mitzvah for the environment, but it supports Congregation Beth David as well, so don’t

Plan ahead!  Beth David is holding its Third ELECTRONIC RECYCLING EVENT. This will be a THREE-DAY recycling extravaganza.

Congregation Beth David, 19700 Prospect Road, Saratoga, Ca. Bring your old electronics by for recycling.

Support Beth David and the Planet!

Items Accepted:
Electronics .
TV’s, Any size . DVD players . CD Players . VCRs . Stereos – amps – sound systems . Speakers – Mp3 players . Radios . Boom boxes . Digital Cameras .
Cameras . Pagers . Cell phones . Phones . Copiers . Fax Machines . Wire, any size . Cable, any size – Paper shredders – Electronic staplers – Power tools
– Typewriters – Speakers

Small Appliances .
Microwaves . Toasters . Electric can openers . Electric toothbrushes . Blow dryers . Curling irons . Electric shavers – Vacuum cleaners – Sewing machines – Clocks – Fans – toasters

Computer Items
Monitors or Flat Screens, any size . Desktops computers . Laptops . CPUs .
Hard drives . Ram chips . All cables, ribbons and wire . Fans . Heat sinks .
CD drives . DVD drives . Zip drives . Floppy drives . Printers . Ink Cartridges . Toner Cartridges . Power supplies . PC boards . Sound cards .
Video cards . Modem cards . Network cards . PDA’s – Scanners – UPS’s and their batteries – mice – keyboards – computer speakers

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