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Posted by moshez on August 10, 2010

The rest of the month is packed with events!

But first a message from our sponsors: Beth-David is offering FREE tickets for the High Holiday to military personal, students and ages 19-33. If you want to get those tickets, contact the Beth-David office — 408-257-3333.

Rosh Hashana also happens on Wednesday, so our September Meet&Greet is moved to Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we have our monthly Jews’ Next Dor Meet & Greet. Indian food and Jewish Young Adults form a powerful combination, as we travel to Santa Clara in our continuing quest for good food and good conversation.

One more day to make sure that you get to give back on our Social Action Second Harvest Food Sort on August 18.

If you enjoy Jews’ Next Dor events, come help us make sure that we continue to have them on our volunteers meeting on August 25th.

When you think 80s science-fiction, you think “lasers”. Why not make sci-fi a reality by strapping on a laser-gun at our monthly laser tag on August 26th.

Want a kosher Barbecue on Friday night? Congregation Beth-David has got you covered on August 27th.

Rosh Hashana is approaching! Apples, honey and all that jazz — and why not welcome the new Jewish year with dishes with apples, honey and all that jazz at the Apples & Honey Cook-off event. Show us what you got — or come to enjoy others’ dishes.

It’s one, two, three strikes we’re out and about, as we go to San Francisco to enjoy a Giants’ baseball game at the Jewish Heritage Night! Contact as soon as possible, because we still have some tickets, but not too many!

Remember: next month’s Meet & Greet is on Tuesday, because Wednesday is Rosh Hashana.


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