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Jews’ Next Dor Newsletter — September 21st, 2010

Posted by moshez on September 21, 2010

Jews’ Next Dor Newsletter

September 21st, 2010

Knee-Deep in High Holy Days Edition

Message From the President

Shalom, Chaverim! Our new year has begun, we have knocked on our hearts, and opened up the door for many months of vision and possibility. There is much happening with Jews’ Next Dor. I want to thank all who attended the Young Adult Break-fast. This event was a collaboration of several young adults groups in the area — and the event was a success with over 100+ attendees! The success of our community depends on you and your energy. Thank you so much!

As you know, we have many events in the pipeline in the upcoming weeks. Our annual Hanging In the Hut is less than a week away. It’s our volunteer appreciation event, to appreciate you, for your work on behalf of all of us. We will enjoy dinner under the stars in the sukkah, announce our superlative award winners, appreciate you, and kick-off our holiday toy drive. (Please bring a new unwrapped toy for ages 0-17 for the toy drive.)

We also have our Jews’ Next Dor World Foods Shabbat Potluck, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Meet and Greet dinner and many other events. Jews’ Next Dor is a fully volunteer-run and volunteer-led organization. We look to you, our volunteers, for your ideas, energy and dedication in planning events and programs that you want to attend.

I hope this year will be an amazing year for Jews’ Next Dor — with even more volunteer involvement, even more events and programs, and new possibilities.

All of our officers are ready to hear from you — please come to us with your ideas and energy. We look forward to seeing you.


Sari Wisch, President,
Jews’ Next Dor,
Congregation Beth David’s Young Adult Group

Introducing the Board: Aileen Menkin, Member-At-Large

During the Young Adult Break Fast, I made it my personal mission to sit down at tables full of people I didn’t know and spread the word of Jews’ Next Dor. Okay, that might sound a little too much like I was trying to spread the word of Jesus (a nice Jewish guy). But seriously, as Member-At-Large, that’s what I’m here for. I am available for anyone who wants to talk, share an opinion, ask a question, get more information, or help volunteer.

I have so much love for this group and I think every Jewish young adult in this life stage, between college graduation and PTA meetings, should be in on the fun we’ve been having. We celebrate holidays together, watch football, get into deep discussion about Israel, combine swimming and frisbee at pool parties, host delicious Shabbat potlucks, and play duck duck goose in the park!

It doesn’t matter if you’re Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, struggling with your identity, a self declared “Bad Jew”, or anywhere in between. I think what’s important is that we’re forming a community with our peers to just be who we are with each other. The fact that we have so many well attended events every month is a sign of our success, and I love watching this group grow, expand, and evolve. I feel so honored to be a part of this new governing committee with the role of keeping tabs on the pulse of the people and assisting other officers. I look forward to further serving you as Member-At-Large.

Shana Tova and Hag Sameach.


Upcoming Events

You can see our upcoming events on our facebook group or on our google calendar

Board Games Night

September 26th, 7:00pm-11:00pm
Private Home — Mountain View, CA

We continue our regular night of games, games, games, oh my!

Come join Jews’ Next Dor for a game night. Good games, good company, and good times are guaranteed — winning or losing is up to you, your wits and your luck!

You are welcome to bring your favorite board game or three, or just show up and play what others have brought along.

This event is in a private home in Mountain View. You can RSVP on Facebook or to Address will be sent to all attendees before the event.

Hanging in the Hut

September 27th, 7:00pm-10:00pm
Private Home — Saratoga, CA
Come hang in the Sukkah (hut) with Jews’ Next Dor! Eat and drink under the stars, shining on us through woven branches. In the program: free dinner, volunteer appreciation, superlative awards and toy drive (please bring a new toy with you).

Jewish Holiday Food Potluck Shabbat

October 1st, 7:30pm-10:30pm
Private Home — Cupertino, CA
This month, our regular first Shabbat potluck comes with a special twist: a Jewish holiday foods theme! Please bring your favorite vegetarian/dairy Jewish holiday vegetarian/dairy dish to share with old and new friends

This event is at a private home in Cupertino – the address will be released closer to the event to RSVPed guests. RSVP on our facebook event page or to The challah, juice and cutlery/paper plates will be provided.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

October 2nd, 11:00pm-October 3rd, 3:00am
Landmark Guild Theater — 949 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA
The Bawdy Caste, the Bay Area Peninsula caste, will be performing along with the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie playing. Come with or without a costume, converse with the actors or just lay back and enjoy it all.

We will meet outside the cinema to get our tickets at 11pm. Tickets are $8. The show itself starts at midnight, and continues until 2 or 3 in the morning.

Kiddush Klub

Every Saturday, 9:30am-1pm
Congregation Beth David — 19700 Prospect Rd., Saratoga, CA
The Kiddush Klub is an informal gathering of Jews’ Next Dor on our home turf, Congregation Beth David, on Shabbat mornings. Some of us come for services, others just for lunch, we’d love for you to join us for either or both. Services begin at 9:30am, but you’re welcome to stumble in anytime. Kiddush begins around noon (12pm). We will be near the back. Consider this an open invitation to join us, and CBD, any Saturday morning.


Learn something new, or get more familiar with the service for the next Jews’ Next Dor Shabbat.


We want to hear from you! If we’re doing a good job, let us know! And if you think we can do a better job, definitely let us know!

Event Survey | General Survey | E-mail us | Contact us


Jews’ Next Dor is a 100% volunteer run group. Want to get involved? We need people to plan events, help with events, blog, host events, publicity, shop, come up with new ideas, and so much more. No time commitment is too small. If you want to help, let us know by e-mailing

About Jews’ Next Dor

Jews’ Next Dor (“Dor” means “generation” in Hebrew), Congregation Beth David’s Young Adult Group (CBDYAG), is an active community of Jewish 20 and 30 somethings centered in the South Bay, CA. We enjoy multiple events a month including celebrating holidays, social action, educational and of course social events around the Bay Area.

About Congregation Beth David

Congregation Beth David is an egalitarian congregation affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Located in Saratoga, CA, Beth David encourages its members to be active participants in creating a vibrant Jewish community throughout Silicon Valley. Our size enables us to support a broad spectrum of programs and activities to enhance Jewish knowledge, practice, and commitment.

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