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Posted by Bianca on August 25, 2011

Getting annoyed at the seemingly futile search for that perfect job? It is very stressful and frustrating to search for a job in this economy. We have to send out hundreds of resumes and answer the same questions over and over in interviews. All to find just one company that will make us an offer. In the meantime we have to pay the rent and keep hoping that we will get that perfect job as soon as possible.

The Jewish Employment Network brings the Jewish Vocational Service employment expertise to the Jewish community. In partnership with local synagogues and Jewish agencies, JEN offers workshops, panels, and networking events to help community members learn, connect, build skills, and find jobs. A wide variety of classes are offered. Polish your resume and present your skills in the best way possible. Learn the best way to write a cover letter and thank you notes. Get interview tips, tricks and practice.

Go to the JVS Calendar for a full list of classes being offered. Email for more information.

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