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New CD from Cantor Andres Levy: High Holidays

Posted by challahbackgirl on September 17, 2011

Congregation Beth David has been bringing Cantor Andres Levy out from Argentina as our High Holiday Cantor for the last few years. He’s become part of our community. This year, you have the opportunity to take his High Holiday music home with you, and support this family and passion. He has just released his new CD, High Holidays, available through Beth David.

Pre-Order Cantor Levy’s New CD

Cantor Levy is a member of the Cantor Assembly of the United States and received his MBA in Music, Piano and Music Composition studies from the Universidad De Chile. His new CD, titled High Holidays will be available for purchase at Beth David after September 22nd.

Pre-order your copy. Check the RSVP page of the Beth David website next week for order form. CDs are $15.00.


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