Jews' Next Dor

Congregation Beth David's Young Adult Group for Jewish 20 & 30 Somethings

Happy New Year & Welcome to Our Steering Committee

Posted by challahbackgirl on January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from Jews’ Next Dor!
With the new year underway, our newly elected Steering Committee will be working with you, our participants and volunteers, to make the next 6 months and beyond of Jews’ Next Dor the best it can be. Thanks to everyone who attended our elections, we’ve ratified our bylaws and elected all candidates who ran for our Steering Committee.
Jews' Next Dor Steering Committee first half of 2012
Please join me in welcoming the new Jews’ Next Dor Steering Committee. Each of the 7 members of the committee will be focusing on a different need of the Jews’ Next Dor community.
Yonatan B. – Programming
Ella G. – Communications
Daniel W. – Post Programming
Aleeza A. – Volunteer Development
Kristin S. – Culture
David H. – Steering Committee Chair
Ben L. – Finance/Treasurer
Thanks to David K. for stepping up to be our Recording Secretary.

The Steering Committee can’t do it alone. They depend on your help, support, and participation. Are you willing to be on a committee in any of these areas? Do you have feedback to share? Need someone to listen? Want to volunteer? Have an event idea? Your Steering Committee is here for you: we’re always willing to listen, and would love your help in making the coming months of Jews’ Next Dor the best they can be. You can contact us directly or at

No time commitment is too small or too big. We have all kinds of tasks that we need help with; to name just a few:

  • copy editing
  • potluck Shabbat hosting
  • posting events online
  • helping organize events
  • setting-up or cleaning up at events
  • providing baked goods for events
  • taking pictures at events
  • reading Torah at Jews’ Next Dor Shabbat on May 5th (or leading another part of the service)
  • shopping for events
  • helping organize volunteer trainings
  • inviting a new person to attend an event with you

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