Jews' Next Dor

Congregation Beth David's Young Adult Group for Jewish 20 & 30 Somethings

Meet and Greet @ Fu Lam Mum

Posted by egotesman on June 25, 2012

When: 7 pm – 9 pm, July 11, 2012
Where: Fu Lam Mum, 153 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
Come and join Jews’ Next  Dor as we head to Fu Lam Mum Chinese Restaurant on Castro Street in Mountain View for some yummy authentic Chinese Food for our monthly Meet & Greet.The dinner will be between $12 and $20 per person, please bring cash with you. Small bills are appreciated.

If you have any specific menu requests, their menu can be found at or at
Contact with dish requests.

Jews’ Next Dor is an active community of Jewish 20 and 30 somethings centered in the South Bay.  If you have any questions about our group or this event, please contact with any questions.

This event was organized by Yonatan B., a Jews’ Next Dor volunteer.  Would you like to be a part of the magic that makes these events a success? Want to get involved and spread joy and camaraderie to the south bay’s Jewish Young Adult community? We are always looking for volunteers to help in whatever ways they’d like – anything from as little as giving feedback about an event, to setup/cleanup help, to organizing their own event for the community! If you’d like to get involved or just learn more, reach out to us at Thanks in advance!

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