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J-Bay Area Candid Camera

CBDYAGphotos CBDYAGvideo Photos from the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Community Events Jvideo

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January 2009
San Jose: Israel Solidarity Rally
December 2007
Sunnyvale and Cupertino
Chabbad Hanukah Celebrations
December 2007
SVYAD Party Bus and
Latke Ball 2007
October 2007
Y-Love and Teapacks Concert, SF
December 2007
Light Some Light
Hanukkah Party
August 2007
SFYAD Summer Sizzle
Second Saturday at the Cellar in SF, CA. Jewish Young Adult Party August 2007
Second Saturday
August 2007 Camping
August 2007
SVYAD Connect
April 2007
JIMENA Mimouna Turns 1, Hyim and Idan Raichel at SternGrove June 2007 Birthday Weekend/Idan Raichel
More Pictures from the weekend

2 Responses to “J-Bay Area Candid Camera”

  1. Y-Love is awesome!! I am so jealous that you got to see them live. Thanks for posting the photos.

  2. cityville said

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