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Cooked Apples and Quinces

Submitted by Moshe Z.

3 Quinces
8 Apples (Delicious)
2 Cups of sugar
A little lemon juice

Boil the quinces in a pot for 5-10 minutes.

Prepare a large bowl with water and lemon juice

Peel the quinces and apples. After peeling each fruit, put it in the bowl.

Cut the quinces into quarters. After cutting, put the pieces in the bowl. From each quarter, cut out the core, with the wooden part around the core, of each quarter, and cut the quarter in half (along the width). Return the pieces to the bowl.

Cut the apples into eighths, and cut out the core from every piece. Return the pieces to the bowl.

Take the apples and quinces out of the bowl, and put in a put with the two cups of sugar. Heat over a very low flame, until there is little liquids (about two hours), while stirring to avoid burning the sugar. Put in a sealed container while it’s still hot. Refrigerate until serving.


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