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Wisdom & Witdom: Ireland or Oyreland

Posted by challahbackgirl on January 1, 2012

When: 9:30am -3pm, Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where: Congregation Beth David, 19700 Prospect Road, Saratoga, CA

Come and join Jews’ Next Dor at Saturday morning services with Congregation Beth David and lunch followed by this months installment of Wisdom & Witdom with Doug Brook. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with Congregation Beth David’s service that we’ll be leading on May 5th, 2012. Come sit with Jews’ Next Dor near the back.

Jews Next Dor is an active community of Jewish 20 and 30 somethings centered in the South Bay.

Wisdom & Witdom occurs on the 4th Saturday of the month. This month we’ll seek to answer the question: Were there ever Jews in Ireland, aside from emergency landings at Dublin Airport?

In conjunction with opening night of “Finian’s Rainbow” — directed by Doug Brook, at South Bay Musical Theatre in Saratoga — we’ll Eire out this question, and also explore how three New York Jews in the 1940s wrote Broadway’s definitive Irish musical.


This is the fourth installment of Wisdom & Witdom, the successor to last year’s popular Laugh & Learn, led by Doug Brook.

Starts right after the kiddush, around 1:15. Session runs under an hour. Don’t let Facebook RSVPs fool you; there’s always at least a couple dozen people there, sometimes many more.

Open to the public. No prior knowledge required, as proved by the instructor.

For more questions, feel free to email us at

Organized by Aleeza A.

Facebook event


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Event: Potluck Shabbat: Hanukkah Edition

Posted by challahbackgirl on November 2, 2011

When: 7pm-10pm Friday, December 23, 2011

Where: Private Home in Cupertino, RSVP for the address to

Join Jews’ Next Dor for our monthly potluck Shabbat dinner and the 4th night of Hanukkah! We invite you to bring your hannukiah and candles to light with us before we welcome in Shabbat.

The host will provide challah, wine, the main dishes, and cutlery and plates. Please bring a vegetarian/dairy appetizer, side, dessert, and/or drink to share. If there is a particular thing you want to share with us, please do; if you aren’t sure what to bring, please follow these suggestions to help us get an even distribution of courses:

If your last name begins with A – G, please bring a DESSERT
If your last name begins with H – M, please bring an APPETIZER
If your last name begins with N – R, please bring a DRINK
If your last name begins with S – Z, please bring a SIDE/SALAD
**Note: if the host contacts you about bringing a main dish, you do NOT also need to bring something else from this list.

This event is at a private home in Cupertino and its address will be released closer to the event. We’re an active community of Jewish 20 and 30 somethings centered in the South Bay.

If you have questions about this event, please email

We look forward to seeing you!

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National Day of Unplugging 2011–Sabbath Manifesto

Posted by challahbackgirl on February 14, 2011

National Day of Unplugging 2011 Sundown, Friday, March 4 to Sundown, Saturday, March 5Join the Sabbath Manifesto for the National Day of Unplugging 2011: Sundown, Friday, March 4 to Sundown, Saturday, March 5

The Sabbath Manifesto is a creative project designed to slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world.

We’ve created 10 core principles completely open for your unique interpretation. We welcome you
to join us as we carve a weekly timeout into our lives.

Are you ready to join us for the National Day of Unplugging?

Can you take the unplug challenge and put down your cell phone, sign out of email, stop your Facebook and Twitter updates?  If so, sign up here!

For 24 hours, starting at sundown Friday March 4, 2011, people across the nation will reclaim time, slow down their lives and reconnect with friends, family, the community and themselves. Can’t resist the temptation? We’ve created cell phone sleeping bags.

The Sabbath Manifesto’s principles were created for individual styling, but for one day we are asking you to take on the challenge of Principle Number 1: AVOID TECHNOLOGY.

Now what?

  • Unplug and give back:  Click here to be connected to volunteer opportunities in your local community.
  • For more info about how to use the Sabbath Manifesto and events leading up to NDU 2011 sign up here.
  • Are you a community organization interested in partnering? Click here.
  • Creating an NDU event? Download the official NDU poster and include your event details. Click here.

Click here to learn about the Ten Principles.  Need more unplugging advice?  Check out NDU FAQs.

For a full list of Community Partners hosting events click here.

Click here to view the National Press Release and the San Francisco Bay Area press release.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

Tell your friends you’re taking the Unplug Challenge:


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JSN Young Adult Shabbaton–Leadership

Posted by challahbackgirl on June 2, 2010


Looking to experience a special Shabbat this Summer?  Join the JSN for our Young Adult Shabbaton.  There will be exciting workshops, stimulating classes and lots of fun activities. Learn, contribute, experience and share; together with other young adult professionals and graduate students from across the Bay-Area.

Friday, June 11 through Saturday, June 12, Jewish Study Network, Palo Alto

Click here to sign-up, or here to view the schedule

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Jews’ Next Dor Potluck Shabbat–First Shabbat of the Month

Posted by challahbackgirl on June 1, 2010

Come and join fellow Jewish 20 and 30 somethings for Shabbat dinner. Look for Jews’ Next Dor Shabbat events the first Shabbat of the month all Summer long.

Dinner will be kosher/dairy so bring a vegetarian or dairy dish to share. This Shabbat we’ll also have an Israli snack sampling.

Jews’ Next Dor Potluck Shabbat
Friday, June 4, 2010
Private home in Mountain View

RSVP to JewsNextDor[at]beth-david[dot]org for the Address

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Jews’ Next Dor: Music Jam Havdala Party

Posted by moshez on January 18, 2010

Ever wanted to play the harmonica? Ever felt like all those music lessons you took as a kid went to waste? Do you want to sing, play and have fun with Jews?

Your search is over!

We’ll start by observing the Havdala Mitzvah. We’ll light the candles, and see the Shabbat off. But we’re seeing the Shabbat off with style!

Jay will teach you — yes you — to play the harmonica. A free music lesson! What could be better, right? Within minutes, you’ll find yourself harmonizing to “Blowin’ In the Wind” (“harmonizing” is what we harmonica players call “making the occasional mistake while playing”).

Then, with such experience under your belt, we’ll all join in songs, both Jewish and secular, so bring your favorites! And if you can play on some other instrument (guitar, harmonica, accordion, flute, clarinet or anything else) bring it with you! Jam with us as we sing songs! Of course, if you just want to listen to a bunch of people singing and playing, you’re also welcome — and to make sure we sound better, be sure to partake of enough wine!

More information at the facebook event

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Jews’ Next Dor — Sneak Peak at Upcoming February Events

Posted by moshez on January 12, 2010

Oh, wow, is February looking like an interesting month. We have speed dating, a JND-led Shabbat service,
a Meet&Greet at an Indian restaurant and ice skating! Make sure to save the dates on your calendar…

All the details are also published on our Event Calendar.

  • Thursday, February 4, 7pm, Speed Dating

    Jews’ Next Dor and SVYAD once again team up to bring you Speed Dating in the South Peninsula. $20/person includes drink ticket and appetizers. Location provided with confirmed online registration. Space is limited.

  • Saturday, February 6, 9:30am, Jews’ Next Dor Shabbat

    Jews’ Next Dor is leading the Shabbat morning service at Congregation Beth David, 19700 Prospect Road, Saratoga, Ca. Please join us if you’ll be participating, or just to support your friends and represent Jews’ Next Dor to the congregation, who supports us. Schmooze with your friends at the luncheon we’re sponsoring afterwards. Services begin at 9:30am, all males are required to wear a kippah, Beth David supplies some if you don’t have one. We’re looking forward to seeing you there. For anything Jews’ Next Dor Shabbat related please contact JewsNextDor[at], thanks in advance.

    Join the Kiddush Klub any Saturday morning to get familiar or practice Shabbat morning services at CBD.

    Now a few technical notes:

    • Any one leading must wear a kippah and a talit, you can bring your own, or borrow from the shul.
    • We’d love to get as many young adults to participate as possible. If you’d like to learn something a few of your peers are willing to teach.
    • Contact JewsNextDor[at] if you’d like to help or participate.

    • You can check out CBD’s religious school wiki for audio clips of tunes, list of page numbers in the Siddur Sim Shalom used by Congregation Beth David
    • In order for us to provide a luncheon for the congregation following services we’re looking for a little help. If you’re interested in helping to shop, prepare, or donate towards lunch please send us an email.
    • For the luncheon we’d love if anyone would like to contribute baked goods. They must adhere to the Congregation’s Kashrut Policy, which can be found online They must be delivered to Congregation Beth David before Shabbat.
  • Wednesday, February 10, 7pm, Meet & Greet at Sakoon

    Join fellow Jewish 20 & 30 somethings for Jews’ Next Dor’s monthly Meet & Greet. Enjoy a nice dinner at Sakoon (357 Castro St., Mountain View), Indian restaurant, in the company of Jews Next Dor. The preset menu will be vegetarian/dairy. Please bring cash, singles appreciated. Please RSVP to JewsNextDor[at]

  • Saturday, February 20, 8pm, Ice Skating

    What’s more fun than ice skating on a beautiful outdoor rink in crisp winter weather? Join Jews’ Next Dor for an ice-skating get-together at the Winter Lodge outdoor skating rink in Palo Alto on Saturday February 20th, part of it is covered in case of rain. We’ll skate from 8-10pm. While you’re off the ice, join us at covered picnic tables by the fireplace. And best of all, the place has an indoor lodge with couches and fireplace. $10 a person including skates, sorry for discounts for bringing your own skates, but you’re welcome to bring them. Winter lodge is located at 3009 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, Ca. Please RSVP to JewsNextDor[at] So maybe you can’t glide across a frozen pond in an idyllic little New England town while snow falls and deer frolic in the nearby woods, but you can simulate the experience with a bunch of Silicon Valley Jews. See you there!

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Sukkot Events for Young Adults

Posted by challahbackgirl on October 2, 2009

There’s lots of opportunities for Young adults to fulfill the mitzvah of being in a sukkah and of course eating.

7pm Friday, October 2, 20099 (San Jose) Shabbat dinner at the new house with Hillel Silicon Valley (Visit their calendar for other Sukkot events on School campuses)

7pm Friday, October 2, 2009 (San Francisco) Sukkot Shabbat with SF Hillel

7pm, Sunday, October 4, 2009 (Mountain View) Sukkah and Sweets with Roots Collective

6:45pm, Tuesday, October 6, 2009 (West San Jose) Hanging in the Hut with Jews’ Next Dor

7pm, Tuesday, October 6, 2009 (Stanford) Hava-Na-Grill-A with Stanford Grad and Young Adult Group

7pm, Thursday, October 8, 2009 (Palo Alto) Dinner in the Sukkah with T’keya

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Beth David invites you to dinner under the stars in their 2 sukkahs

Posted by challahbackgirl on September 15, 2009

Please RSVP no later than Tuesday, September 29 to:

Please RSVP no later than Tuesday, September 29 to:

Friday October 2, 2009

Shabbat Mishpaha (Family) Services & Shabbat Sukkah Supper
Join Congregation Beth David  for a fun, energetic Shabbat experience geared towards families with
A service filled with songs, story & dance has something for everyone!

Dinner following services in the Sukkah

Adults: $10;
Youth (5-12): $5
Child (0-4): Free
Maximum: $30/family

Please RSVP no later than Tuesday, September 29 to
Please be sure to include names of attendees and number attending from each

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Saturday is Jews’ Next Dor Shabbat

Posted by jewsnextdor on December 17, 2008

Spend Shabbat with the CBD community, as Jews’ Next Dor, Congregation Beth David‘s Young Adult Group leads Shabbat morning services, and sponsors lunch this week. Come support Jews’ Next Dor, and schmooze over lunch. It’s our first ever Jews’ Next Dor Shabbat. All Congregation Beth David Shabbat services are open to all. Congregation Beth David is a Conservatice Synagogue associated with USCJ.

Facebook event

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